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Communications / Website Manager / Show Designer-Developer

I had a 27-year career in Public Education as a teacher, school librarian and computer person. In 2005 I decided there was still time to DO the things I was teaching kids to do: build websites. I went back to school and took a Masters in Web Development and then launched my own company, IrisLines Web Design. A part time job with a local junior high upped my desktop publishing chops, as my role was to work with a group of 8th graders publishing a community newsletter 3 times a year.

I started hooking after a trip to Nova Scotia in 2008 or so, and joined the Guild in 2015, and soon was tapped to help with a new website. I joined the board and handle the websites, mass emails, and the newsletter – and now, this show!

When we had to cancel the show for 2020, I thought we might do a virtual show, but getting good photos would be the key. It took a nudge from Deb from Rug Hooking Magazine, and some successful fund raising activities meant we could hire a photographer and provide a service to our members, and get a show to boot!

My husband, Scott Ainslie helped out with taping and editing the interviews with the featured artists. I could never have done that part on my own!

Offering to build this show for the Guild gave me the chance to explore design and functionality of the website itself. I started with a theme supposedly built for the purpose, but found limitations in the user experience: Navigation of the collection, in particular. I implemented some work-arounds, and had to just accept some limitations. For a first time Virtual Show, I hope you all will enjoy what you can see and do — and that you’ll come back again and again to dive in deeper!!