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Water Birds


This series of birds I seem to go back to frequently and add more ideas to each piece I create.

Some work needs to continue to expand as one piece is finished I see where else I can develop more ideas and do another to see how they work.

It started with a fascination watching Loons on my lake and the Great Blue Herons flying down and nesting in the river near my house. One of my first raised and sculpted birds was a Great heron.

I enjoy drawing and spend a lot of time creating new ideas when I’m at the lake  or traveling where there are water birds to look at. A “Sandhill Crane with Babies” was my first bird that went on a show poster for advertising.  I did a Kingfisher with a large fish in his mouth.

Then I went to the Herons.

Loons are another bird subject and study. I started with a very large piece called “Spirits of the Lake”. The piece is 24” x50’ long and shows loons in different positions, flying, floating with babies. This piece was the first where I stated using a lot of velvet material and other yarns to add texture. After this large piece that won an award in the Hooked in the Mountains show, I continued to do medium and small size loons.