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This is a FUN way to browse through our show,
but it’s not the only way.  

Over 100 rugs will be displayed here in groups of 20 – in a RANDOM order!

After looking at a single rug, use your back button to return to the same “deal”.

Use the LOAD MORE button to see 20 more,  
or REFRESH your page for a different set of 20.

You can filter by subject matter, or by styles and techniques.

Each time you visit you may see a different selection of the show — so it would be hard to use this to navigate  through the show and be sure you see all of the rugs.

Two others ways you might work through the show:  our INDEX by ARTIST,   or INDEX by TITLE.

The INDEX pages are also the best ways to find a particular rug you want to view or share with others.

Each rug has a unique URL to bookmark, or share.

View them all, or filter by subject matter. At the bottom of the page you can also filter by style and technique.