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TitleWish Upon a StarDesigned byCommercial - unknownHooked byCindy BaehrDimensions21" x 26"Materialswool and silk on linenCuts6Share

One thing that I always wished for as a child when I saw the first star was a horse of my own. The base for this rug was given to me by a friend in 2017 so I decided to make it for the 2018 show “Wish Upon a Star” but I didn’t get it finished. I wanted to do a primitive rug, but as I went it morphed into a picture of my Miniature Horse, Tucker. The stars wanted to be more shiny, so I used sari silk instead of wool. The background was a plaid that seemed to add a galaxy of stars for Tucker to dance in.

About the artist:

I’ve been hooking rugs for about 15 years.  I do a lot of different crafts. I knit, spin, quilt, cross stitch, and bead  I like to make pictures with my art and hooking allows me to do this.  A friend who is a hooker and braider taught me to hook while I taught  her to spin. We’ve been hooking and spinning together since.