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TitleUnder Your Boot Soles IIIDesigned byJennifer DaveyHooked byJennifer DaveyDimensions28" x 40"Materialswool and silk on linenShare

This work is a mix of hooking and wet felting. The hooked part is made with wool and the felted part is a mix of wool and silk. In this piece, the felted part was sewn to the backing and then the hooking was done around the sewn part.

About the Artist:

I learned to wet felt at a Hooked in the Mountains workshop. I immediately thought it would be really fun to combine the technique of wet felting with hooking. Sometimes I do the felting and then just sew it to linen or monks cloth backing. Then I can hook around the felted bits. But I have also discovered that you can wet felt right through the backing quite easily. The only caveat is that it will shrink a bit as you felt. I find that needle felting the wool into place before wet felting helps keep things looking smooth.

I have a website with more of my work ( so if you want to see and read more about this then check it out. I am happy to talk with anyone about the techniques so do email me if you have questions.