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TitleThe MaresDesigned byCindy BaehrHooked byCindy BaehrDimensions15" x 15"Materialswool and silk on linenCuts6Share

My friend has allowed me to refer to her horses as ‘ours’. I have finished rugs of each of ‘our’ male horses and one mare that was truly mine. These three still needed a rug. I had purchased a footstool to cover and so the Mares were selected to star in this rug. I worked from pictures of them in the same pasture, though they didn’t all live there at the same time. All three have passed on, but this helps me remember the good times we had together.

About the Artist:

I’ve been hooking rugs for about 15 years.  I do a lot of different crafts. I knit, spin, quilt, cross stitch, and bead.  I like to make pictures with my art and hooking allows me to do this.  A friend who is a hooker and braider taught me to hook while I taught  her to spin. We’ve been hooking and spinning together since.