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TitleRespect Science!Photo byCDC, 2020Design byBarb AckemannHooked byBarb AckemannDimensions20" x 20"Materialswool, misc. yarns, taffeta, spandex, sari silkCuts3, 4, 5, 6Share

I spotted this photo attached to a New York Times article about Covid-19 and blood type A and as soon as I saw it I thought “Now that’s a rug!”   I love the fiber art of Karen Kamenetzky (presenter at a guild meeting in Brattleboro in 2016 — my first guild event). Her work was based on electron microscope images of plant cells.

Hooked during the isolation of spring and summer 2020, I used yarns, spandex, taffeta linings, and wool from my stash. At the very end I bought a small piece of Nancy Jewett’s “Henrietta’s Magenta” to finish off the lower left corner and some sari silk for the binding.

In social media someone proposed that Joe Biden needed to just cite Respect on a campaign bumper sticker: Respect Science, Respect Nature, Respect Each Other. In fact these stickers exist now.

I changed it for the borders of this piece, defining what Respect might look like:

respect: (means) wear a mask
respect: (means) wash hands
respect: (means) stay home
respect science! (already!)