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TitleRBGDesigned byAlicia BetacourtHooked byLynn SouleDimensions27" x 19"Materialswool on linenCuts3, 4, 8Share

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is an inspiration to everyone that knows her story.

I based this portrait on a painting by Alicia Betancourt which I saw at an Art Festival in Stuart, Florida. The artist was gracious enough to allow me to hook her portrayal of RBG.  I love the lady herself and loved how the artist painted her with such whimsy and power, not an easy thing to achieve. The jewels in her crown came from a collection my aunt had given me and they added a personal connection. I bought some false eyelashes to attach, though they might not show up too well online. The lace came from the grandmother of a friend. I also needed to give her “real” earrings and found lapel pins to do the trick – justice and equality – perfect! I had a lot of fun trying to recreate the personality of RBG using wool and personal items to bring her to life. 

Without Ruth fighting for equality for everyone, we would still be back-peddling.  RIP Ruth, the world needed you and you were there.    Thank you, I thank you, we thank you and we will persist …

About the artist:

I have been hooking for 15 years. The best part of hooking is the friends you meet and the experiences we share. I am a founding member of the Champlain Islands Fiber Bees. We started in the mid-2000’s with 5 of us sitting around a table in The Bee Skep in North Hero. We have grown to be a group of 30, 20 of which are dedicated to hooking and the promotion of it. For the past 10 years, we have sponsored a one day hook-in, last year we welcomed 80 hookers from all over the east coast and one lady from Missouri.