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TitlePorter's PigDesigned byHeart in HandHooked bySuzanna BrownDimensions18.5" x 22"Materialsrepurposed wool on rug warpCuts3, 4, 5, 6Share

I had hooked several smaller pieces, but this pattern caught my eye at an event, and I purchased it. I like doing landscapes and have an interest in animals. This also made me think of the work of Vermont artist Warren Kimball. It was fun to gather wool clothing (Yes, I found 2 pink wool coats!) and fun to hook.

About the Artist:

I began rug hooking in 2018. I had seen hooked rugs at an Open Farm and Studio Weekend in The Champlain Islands. I was intrigued by it, but did not think I had time for another craft. A friend was taking a rug hooking class at Green Mountain Hooked Rugs and I decided to go along. Shortly after I connected with The Champlain Island Fiber Bees and have been hooking with them every Thursday since. I have learned a lot from other rug hookers and the many books I’ve read. I have since learned that my paternal grandmother was a rug hooker, but I never knew her, and I have not found any of her work.