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TitleOwlet Leaving the NestDesigned bySandra GrantHooked bySandra GrantDimensions36" x 30" x 24"Materialshand-dyed wool, yarns, roving, feathersCuts2, 3, 4, 5, 6Share

I got the idea to try another 3/D bird, somewhat like the Red Tail Hawk I did.

This was a challenge to get the size right on a Great Horn Owl and as I was finishing the raised hooking area I decided to just cut out the shape of Owl instead of making him totally 3/D.

I backed him with core board and edged him with needle felting.  He could hang on the wall of stand. Then I decided to do a baby Great Horn Owl to go with him and did the baby cut out as well.

When I put them on the wall they still needed something else I decided to stand them with attached dowels on the back to go into a wood base. The base would now hold a nest so I hooked it with the same raised wool, sculpted style for the edges. The whole process for this piece kept changing and getting bigger as I went along. I must say I had hooked enough brown birds for awhile and know I had to go to bright colors next!