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TitleMy 2020 QuarantineDesigned byMarty LiptakHooked byMarty LiptakDimensions15" x 22"Materialswool on linenCuts7Share

Marty Liptak lives in Schuylerville, New York and has been hooking for about seven years. An accomplished and dedicated hooker, she is a certified McGown teacher, a member of the Pearl McGown Guild and the Green Mountain Guild. Originally a weaver, her hooking career kicked off when she met a hooker in a weaving class and became intrigued. Before long she was taking classes with Cindy Day and others, attending Betsy Reed’s hook-ins and dying wool. Her path led to Norma Batistini, and to Liz Marino who sponsored her to her McGown certification.

She says she wanted to learn all the rules “so she could break them.” She works in lots of subjects, cuts and styles, but her favorite is hooking flowers in 3’s and 4’s, largely because of her love of color.

This rug is a stylistic departure for her, in scale and coloration. It is a record of her 2020 Quarantine. Marty works for the US Postal Service, and in late April she was in close proximity to a coworker who had Covid 19 symptoms. Informed by her employer, she was placed on paid leave for 14 days. It was unsettling to say the least, and to help her through she kept a quarantine diary. It went like this.
Day 1, nurse called;
Day 2, my 60th birthday, pizza;
Day 3, nap;
Day 4, put my cat to sleep;
Day 5, paperwork;
Day 6, sunshine;
Day 7, Chinese food;
Day 8, rescheduling events for next year;
Day 9, Mike’s (husband) 60th birthday, pizza;
Day 10, getting outside;
Day 11, ordering on line;
Day 12, food florist (take out dinners);
Day 13, called my mother;
Day 14 Mother’s Day (I was grumpy).  May 11th, back to work.

She subsequently designed and hooked the mat as a record, and she placed a label on the back with the information documenting her days.

She’s currently completing a rug on the theme of voting.