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TitleMonarch MigrationDesigned byAnne CoxHooked byAnne CoxDimensions42" x 90"Materialswool on linenCuts7Share

September 2019 the monarch butterflies flew by us on their annual trip south. It was amazing to see them massing and flitting over the water. As with most of my rugs, I started this one with a color palette in mind, and a general idea, but no set design. I drew in some of the swoops of the butterflies, and then set to work on the water, clouds, and sky. The borders grew. Actually, I’ve learned to leave extra backing on the edges for expansions—this rug was intended to be 3’x7′, but grew to 3.5’x7.5′.

About the artist


I’ve been hooking since 2007. Always with a number 7 cut. For no good reason other than that was the first cutter head I bought, and it seemed to suit. I’ve learned to dye my own wool to get some of the ranges of colors I want, but I also have some favorites that I use right of the bolt. I hook in the winter. Lately I have been captivated by the dance of the monarch butterflies, but I am also drawn to capturing the vegetables I grow in the summer and the natural world surrounding me..

Anne Cox