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TitleJourneyDesigned byGeorgette ThabaultHooked byGeorgette ThabaultDimensions23" x 33"Materialswool on linenCuts3, 4, 6Share

Journey is a documentation for the last year and a half of tremendous personal growth and transition.

My journey was not always a happy time to experience, but the process of pulling one hook at a time in the company of the Island Fiber Bees was happy.

So as I continue on my life’s journey I take many lessons with me and leave others behind. And I have joy in my heart moving forward.

I wish all “Happy Trails”

About the Artist:

My sister introduced me to hooking 9 years ago at the Shelburne Museum during the GMRHG show. And while we were walking through the displays I happen to admire a particular floral rug, and discovered that it had been hooked by my sister!

At that show I also realized how flexible and free this art form is. The sky is the limit.

I have gravitated to design classes with Liz Albert Fay. Her multi faceted art has inspired my rug hooking in many ways.

But mostly, the friendships that have developed are the true treasures of rug hooking for me and my soul.