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TitleGrand Isle JulyDesigned byJane StraitonHooked byJane StraitonDimensions10.5" x 19"MaterialsLinen, wool, sari, yarn, fuzzy sari,Cuts6, 8Share

Inspired by flowers from “Island Flowers,” a prior business on our current property, I hooked this during the dark months of winter when color was necessary in my life. I love hooking with multiple fibers and texture and bright colors.

I made this up as a pillow and the back is pictured in the details below.

About the Artist:

Lucky for me, in the summer of 2014, I happened upon the “Fiber Fest” in North Hero, Vermont. Upon entering its tent, I felt as though I had “arrived home…”
The Lake Champlain Fiber Bees were buzzing around with excitement, knowledge and kindness, displaying their gorgeous creations and recruiting potential members….. I was literally “hooked.”

As a group, they all taught me how to hook and the various aspects of the art. In the fall of that same year, I was fortunate to join this group as well as other Hookers bound for Nova Scotia, ( organized by our queen Lynn Soule) This spectacular trip, catapulted me into the fibrous field of multi textures and colors. The unlimited bounds of Hooking is with me constantly. I look at the world differently and feel honored to have met and know so many incredibly talented and visionary Hookers.