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TitleDoing CartwheelsDesigned byBeth McDermetHooked byBeth McDermetDimensions25" x 25"MaterialsWool, and various sparkle materials on linenCutsvariousShare

My husband, Staley, loves anything about space or space exploration.  Over the years, he has remarked about how incredible the photos taken by the Hubble telescope are.  Since I spend my life trying to think of what I can give him as presents, I became hooked on Hubble for inspiration.  This is a picture of the Cartwheel Galaxy, taken by the Hubble telescope, that I hooked for Staley’s Christmas present last year (2019).

I was so far out of my comfort zone while hooking this piece, I felt like I was in outer space.  My sister-in-law, Kris McDermet, provided a lot of the sparkle fabric for this piece.  And following last year’s summer hook in at Lake Morey,  I received a nice surprise package in the mail from Gina Steen with a piece of sparkle fabric.  Thank you, Kris and Gina, for your contributions which really helped to make “Doing Cartwheels” shine.