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TitleAutumn's Last DanceDesigned byCheryl OrcuttHooked byCheryl OrcuttDimensions53.5" x 21.5"Materialswool, wool yarn, sari silk, silk yarnCuts3, 4, 6Share

This rug was inspired by this time of year here in beautiful New England. I always look forward to fall foliage as Mother Nature dresses herself in her most brilliant and colorful finery before the cold winter winds begin to blow. It is as though millions of spotlights are ablaze in the woods. The flamboyant colors are made even more so by the more conservative stately green fir trees.

Because I love the fall season, I decided to design a fall themed table runner. In an effort at composing a fall leaf rug. I gathered all kinds and colors of leaves and composed them on a piece of rug warp for a table runner which ended up being 22” x 54”- so much for “just a small project”! As I was gathering leaves, I was driving down the road and suddenly saw some radiant yellow, red, and green spotted leaves I just had to have. I quickly pulled over and jumped out of my car. I excitedly clipped the leaves and carried my bounty back to the car. When I opened the door to get back in the car, I realized I had gotten too far over and was in the ditch! When the policeman came to direct traffic for the tow truck, I tried to explain but he couldn’t help guffawing. He and the tow truck driver had quite a good laugh at the hooker on a mission on that Sunday morning.

About the Artist:

I have been hooking on and off for over 40 years. I started as a young bride to make rugs for my home while living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. When we moved back to New Hampshire I was eventually fortunate enough to find Hallie Hall in Contoocook, NH. She became my teacher, my friend, and my mentor. It was Hallie who started me down the very long road of creating the 15′ x 9.5′ Pearl McGown rug called Allure. In the past half dozen years I have started to design my own rugs, but I still have great appreciation for the beautiful McGown patterns.