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When we began to consider the entries for Hooked in the Mountains 2020, we discussed the elements and principles of design in each piece and our emotional reaction to the work.  Palette, materials and techniques were also important considerations, and our selections represent the culmination of all these factors.   The Honorable Mention selections will broaden the viewers’ attention to this checklist.  We were very impressed by the variety of styles in design and subject matter. The inclusion of pieces addressing current and pressing social issues acknowledges the broad scope of the Green Mountain Rug Hooking Guild.

We encourage you, the viewer, to consider composition, techniques and materials as you virtually “walk” through the entries, developing your own private assessment and appreciation of the artwork.

The selected works exemplify our criteria and celebrate generations of traditions carried on by this contemporary membership.

(Click on rug image or title to go to rug’s portfolio page.)

The Awards

Road to Uluru  There is excitement generated in the environment by a hot and cold complementary palette, along with extreme contrast in values and shapes. The ominous clouds and shadows convey the maker’s personal experience. With the road as a simple foreground the organic border line adds to the adventure.

That sky automatically elicits an emotional response to the piece.  I was particularly struck by the irregular border which repeats the orange tones in the piece, and the unconventional composition.   This road makes me want to follow it to see what is waiting around the next bend.


Venice Side Canal   The scene to a traveller immediately says Venice! If you have been there this image may be in your own journal. There is attention to atmosphere with deep shadows, texture in architecture, a mystery feeling beyond the turn. We are in the gondola traveling on the water – the reflections are the story.

This piece captures the colors and atmosphere of Venice beautifully!  More than just a scene captured in wool, this piece truly creates a sense of place.  The reflections in the water are masterfully done and lead the viewer even further into the composition.


Monarch Migration   Movement immediately came to mind. The warmth of orange and yellow ribbons stretching across and out of the main field represent that movement. Those warm colors are enlivened by the softer neutrals and complementary blues stretching out in the sky and angular peaks of waves. Different shapes add to the activity of the event.

The incredible use of movement and complementary colours draws the viewer in and makes them want to know more of the story behind it.  Every element, right down to the border, is well planned out and executed.

Honorable Mention

Blue Desert has an unusual balance which emphasizes the inspiration from the original ethnic designs. The palette is quiet, each mark/line draws our attention.

Color Wheels interested us with the variety of sizes and irregular placement of the shapes inferring movement. The border’s line repetition continues the activity in a rhythmic beat.

Great Blue Heron was a challenge to define the subject among all the detail. Value was used to its best advantage.

Congratulations to everyone, this collection will surely inspire a worldwide audience.   It was an honor to be tasked by Green Mountain Rug Hooking Guild to work together and judge this year’s show.


Susan Feller  Augusta, WV

Karen D. Miller   Ottawa, ON